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Continuum uses patent-pending algorithms to generate accurate, broadband, scalable models of passives. For example, given a parameterized cell layout for an inductor and ranges for the design parameters, Continuum can automatically produce a parameterized subcircuit model in Spectre¢ç, ELDO¢ç, or HSPICE¢ç format. The parameters to the model are purely geometric in nature, so the model can be easily used with layout extractors. The scalable models are available for a large variety of components such as

Inductors: standard, symmetric, center-tapped, stacked, and shielded
MOM capacitors: interdigitated finger capacitors with and without shielding planes
MIM capacitors: thin-film capacitors
Baluns and transformers: 4,5 and 6 port designs with varying turns ratios
The world's major foundries TSMC, UMC, IBM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES have all licensed EMX and Continuum and are using these tools to develop scalable models for deployment in their design kits. These models have been extensively verified against silicon and have proven to be very accurate.

Optimum synthesis tools

Optimal Inductor, Capacitor and Transformer Finders (OIF, OCF, OTF) link to the scalable models generated by Continuum. They provide a Cadence Virtuoso¢ç interface that allows designers to instantly synthesize a component based on user-specified criteria. For example, you may want to design a 2.2nH with peak Q at 2.5GHz with SRF > 10GHz. The optimum design can be found instantaneously using the OIF.
UMC is currently deploying the OIF, OCF and OTF along with the scalable models for the design kits for 0.18um, 0.13um, 90nm and 65nm. Please contact UMC if you would like to use their design kit.
GLOBALFOUNDRIES is currently deploying the OIF along with the scalable models for the design kits for 0.13um node.. Please contact GLOBALFOUNDRIES if you would like to use their design kit.